Proclaiming the Word to the Assembly of the Faithful

“…it is your ministry to allow God to speak His word through you to the Eucharistic assembly.”


“…the Word of God is, first of all, a spoken word, a dynamic word, a “word” spoken to us by

God. This is why the ministry of lector is so important to the liturgy.

 As a lector, it is your ministry to proclaim the word of God. Or rather, it is your ministry

to allow God to speak his word through you to the eucharistic assembly. When you proclaim the

word of God it comes alive, and it is your role to let the word of God come alive in you so that it

may come alive for the entire congregation.

 As a lector, you become the means by which God’s word touches the hearts of those

gathered together for precisely this purpose.”

—The Joy of Being a Lector, Mitch Finley

Resources for Lectors

To read notes on being The Effective Lector, please click here.

To see some other notes and resources on how to best prepare for this ministry, see:

The Joy of Being a Lector, by Mitch Finley

Please contact the rectory if you would like to explore being part of this ministry.

Call 415.922.1010 and speak with the pastor, Fr. Ken.

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