Over 200 strong, over 2 million served…

St. Vincent de Paul Men’s Club

President: Joe Asiano                         Vice-President: Ken Schwing

Secretary: Tom McCarville                    Treasurer: Rick Gandolfo

The SVdP Men’s Club is for all men who are parishioners or have children in St. Vincent De Paul School. Whether single, married, with children, without children, young or old—you are welcome. This is not just a St. Vincent de Paul School Fathers Club, but truly a parish and school Men's Club that’s over 200 men strong.

The SVdP Men’s Club has three primary aspects—social, charitable and fundraising—and at all times having fun! The social aspect is all about creating community and camaraderie among members of the SVdP parish and school. The Men's Club holds three dinner meetings each year where the membership gets together to eat, drink, talk, do a little Men’s Club business—and just plain have a great time. These dinners are FREE for Men's Club members.

You will find several generations of men at each Men’s Club dinner meeting including dads of students for virtually every SVdP School grade and men you see every Sunday at church—so you are guaranteed to be with other men you have much in common with. You can bet you will find yourself among familiar and friendly faces.

Charitable Fund Raising

The Men's Club runs several events each year to raise funds both to improve the school many of our children attend and help the parish. Some of the Men's Club sponsored events include:

   •  Parish Picnic (third Saturday in September)

   •  Thanksgiving Breakfast (Thanksgiving Day after 9:15 AM Mass)

   •  Cioppino Dinner (last Saturday in January)

   •  Spring Breakfast (Sunday in late April after 10 AM mass)

   •  Viking Golf Tournament (second Friday in May)

You can contribute to the parish and the school by joining the Men's Club and attending or helping with these events.

Members with children in SVdP School can get School Service Hours by volunteering to work these events.

Are you sold on the Men's Club yet?

You can join the Men's Club by attending the next general meeting or you can just send in $55 for your yearly membership dues to SVdP Men's Club,
 c/o Jim Quanci, 315 Avila Street, San Francisco, CA 94123 (make checks out to “SVdP Men's Club”). If you are a Senior, 65 or older, Men's Club dues are just $30 per year.

Are you too busy?

Maybe you live far away and cannot make it to the dinners, maybe you work evenings, or maybe you have a demanding job.

You can still show support for the Men’s Club charitable and fund-raising efforts by sending in $45 and being a Supporting Member of the Men's Club— though we would really love to see and get to know you at one of the dinner meetings.

If you have any questions about joining, or participating in the SVdP Men's Club, drop us an e-mail. We would love to talk to you. Click here to e-mail us.

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SVDP Men’s Club 2018–2019 Calendar

26-Aug-18 Sunday                  Back to School / Parish
                                                            Picnic; 11:00AM – 3:00PM -
                                                            SVDP Courtyard

10-Oct-18 Wednesday            General Meeting & Dinner at
                                                             6:30PM in the Cafeteria

22-Nov-18 Thursday               Men’s Club Thanksgiving
                                                            Breakfast: after 9:15 Mass
                                                            in the Cafeteria

9-Jan-19 Wednesday              General Meeting & Dinner at
                                                            6:30PM – Cafeteria

26-Jan-19 Saturday                Cioppino Dinner – All Day &
                                                            Night - Cafeteria

13-Mar-19 Wednesday           General Meeting & Dinner at
                                                             6:30PM - Cafeteria                                                                                                                               
                                                            (General Vote on new Board)

28-Apr-19 Sunday                   Men’s Club Spring Breakfast:
                                                            after 10:00 Mass - Cafeteria

10-May-19 Friday                   SVdP Men’s Club Golf
                                                          Tournament (noon - 6PM) -
                                                          Presidio Golf Course

10-May-19 Friday                   SVdP Men’s Golf Tournament
                                                          Dinner 6-11PM: Parish Hall

The Mens Club presented a new flag for assemblies to the school;

(l-r) Aaron Barnes, Vice-President; Nancy Barrett, Marguerite Pini,
Co-Principals;  Ron Sebahar, President

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