SVdPSF Women’s Club

SVdPSF Women’s Club

The SVDP Women’s Club is a diverse women’s social group committed to promoting fellowship, friendship, fun and spiritual growth.  Our group’s goal is to create a sisterhood where all women come together to grow and learn from one another. We will support the Parish (church & school) community while providing opportunities for amiable social relations among the members, their families and friends.

 Membership is open to women over twenty-one years of age who are registered with the parish and to women who, although they reside elsewhere, are parents or guardians of students or alumni, or themselves alumni of St. Vincent de Paul School.


A complete copy of the by-laws can be downloaded here:

SVdPSF Women’s Club By-laws


 Board Members
 for 2017-2018:

Marie Murphy – Co-President

Cassie Kim – Co-President

Natalie Bessette- Secretary

Ana Maria Hughes- Treasurer

Angelica Phillips- Sunshine Coordinator

Melissa Brilliant

Michelle MacDonald

Martina Lauterbach

Caroline Pacula

Guadalupe Tofalo-Davtchev

Allison Wood

Josie Truchan- Membership

Leslie Carmignani

Michelle Zimmerman

Debbie Rivard

Lindsey Wetzel

Cathy Carrig

Lindsey Krystofiak


Happening This Week:

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